UP BJP Leader Pooran Prakash sits in car while son thrashes toll plaza employee


Uttar Pradesh: Son of Bharatiya Janata Party’s MLA Pooran Prakash from Uttar Pradesh’s Baldev constituency and his supporters thrashed a toll employee at Mathura’s Mahuvan toll plaza. MLA Son thrashes the employee in front of his father Pooran Prakash after the barricade fell on the roof of their car. The Entire incident was captured on the CCTV footage where Pooran Prakash son and his supporters can be seen slapping the employee.

As Per CCTV Footage which retrieved from the plaza, two of the employees posted on duty at the time, got out of their office and pulled the barrier down as the car were trying to pass without paying the toll money. Following the incident, the son of the BJP legislator along with other BJP workers got out of their car and thrashed the toll employees.

As Per Media Reports MLA later asked his henchmen to make sure the toll gates remained open for hours together and allowed all passing vehicles to go through without paying the toll fee.When confronted, the MLA defended his actions, saying that toll employees “need this treatment” to set right their wayward conduct.

“My security vehicles went before us but still they dropped that stick on our car, despite seeing the big writings of ‘vidhayak’ on it. This is nothing new, they often do such things,” Baldev MLA Pooran Prakash told ANI.

The toll management has filed a complaint with the police but no FIR has been registered as yet.This is not a new incident, earlier also there have been numerous incident where BJP local leaders were involved in similar incidents. Watch this video to know more about the incident.

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