Delhi DTC Buses and Metro will Starts After 2pm Tomorrow due to Holi


Holi 2018: The Delhi Transport Corporation will not run buses tomorrow morning and services starts at 2 pm on account of Holi, an official said today.The public transporter will run buses on selected routes as per requirement tomorrow evening, the official said. As the passenger load will be less due to the festival, only 896 buses will operate after 2 pm tomorrow, he said.Details about bus services on Holi can be obtained via the DTC Helpline Number – 180018181, the official added.

According to the report released yesterday, the number of days in the ‘severe’ category in Delhi-NCR has decreased each month, except January, compared to the previous year. But breathing air which is in ‘very poor’ category is still hazardous.

To fight air pollution, the report said, Delhi needs a comprehensive plan, credible monitoring, enhanced implementation and rigorous enforcement. This is exactly where Delhi’s challenge lies.

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