Fake or Real Hardik Patel Sex Video ? Clip Goes Viral in Social Media


Gujarat A Video Clip of Patidar leader Hardik Patel in a compromising position with an unidentified woman in a hotel surfaced online on Monday which is going viral in Social Media. While he has claimed that the clip was morphed one and circled at the command of the BJP as a feature of “messy governmental issues” to insult him.Just before the Gujarat Assembly elections 2017, Patel blamed the incident on BJP’s “dirty politics” and said it was tarnishing the image of Gujarat’s women. Patel had claimed a week ago that BJP would employ a “sex CD” to discredit him.

On Monday, local channels in Gujarat broadcast what was described as a “sex CD” of Hardik Patel, who is age 24, and has pledged to help take down the BJP in next month’s election in Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s home state.

The woman is also seen taking a phone call as Hardik makes rounds of the bed, trying to figure out where the switch to turn off the lights is. Next, both are seen discussing something sitting on the bed.The video ends with Hardik Patel swiching off the lights even as a night lamp is still on. The PressKS couldn’t independently authenticate the content of the video. The date stamp on the video is May 16, 2017.

“Just few days back, I told the media that such CDs will be circulated. This is just the beginning of dirty politics. I am sure that BJP people would circulate some more CDs because the man who did it recently joined the party in Delhi. But I am not worried at all about such tactics,” Hardik Patel told media. “This is a morphed clip and I will give evidence in the coming days to prove my innocence. The BJP wants to retain power by defaming me,” he said.

“The BJP has nothing to do with the sex CD. We don’t indulge in such dirty games. But if Hardik Patel says it’s a fake video, why doesn’t he file a police complaint?” asked BJP leader and union minister Mansukh Mandaviya.

Extending his full support to his friend, Mevani tweeted, ”Dear Hardik Patel, don’t worry. I’m with you. And right to sex is a fundamental right. No one has right to breach your privacy.”

However, the authenticity of the video can’t be verified. Meanwhile, one more video has gone viral on the social media, which allegedly shows Hardik Patel taking alcohol with his friends.Reacting to it, Hardik Patel had called it a handiwork of BJP, which he alleged was indulging in ”dirty politics”.Though no media where the video is being circulated claims authenticity of the clip, it became viral soon. Youtube removed the video saying that it was against the channel’s policy.

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