Fake Wikipedia Post Confirmed Jayalalitha Dead ! ‘Edit war’ Breaks out on Jayalalithaa’s Wikipedia Page


Jayalalitha Wikipedia :  Rumours spread like wildfire through social media on the health of Tamil Nadu chief minister Jayalalithaa, after the cardiac arrest On 4th December evening. Wikipedia post has gone viral online where the news is confirmed fake. Admirers of CM were shocked looking at the post though it is clear that the news is an absolute hoax as party representatives informed that amma has undergone cardiac surgery this morning and is doing well as said by doctors, an ‘edit war’ broke out on Wikipedia on Sunday after unknown users tried to declare December 5th as her date of death.


The Wikipedia page of Jayalalithaa shockingly reads – “Jayalalithaa Jayaraman (born 24 February 1948), commonly referred to as Amma and Puratchi Thalaivi by members in her party; also called as Selvi J.Jayalalitha, or Kumari Jayalalitha or Jaya or Jayalalitha Jayaram, was an Indian politician and the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, in office from 2015 to 4th Dec,2016. She died of a cardiac arrest on Dec 5, 2016 while undergoing treatment at Apollo Hospital in Chennai.”

Jayalalithaa Wikipedia page: December 4, 2016 at 11:24:48 pm The information on the page has been changed but it on no account justifies their irresponsible behavior. Unverified and fabricated death hoax reports about the eminent personality is only leading to sensationalism and chaotic atmosphere in the country.

As per the latest media reports, hospital COO Subbiah Viswanathan in an official release said “She is being treated and monitored by a team of experts, including pulmonologists, cardiologists and critical care specialists.”Jayalalithaa was admitted in Apollo for fever and dehydration on September 22.

Huge security has been called to the hospital to control the flow and the KSRTC busses were dismissed for today to reduce the flow of people moving to the hospital. Prayers are being held in various parts of the state hoping for the news that Amma is fine and would be discharged soon.

Tamil Nadu ministers and Governor C Vidyasagar Rao were alerted in the evening itself after Jayalalithaa’s health deteriorated. Just now Union minister Venkaiah naidu arrived the Apollo hospital to supervise Jayalalitha health.

Rumors Claims Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalitha is Dead : Celebs Posted Rest in Peace

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  1. so we are talking about irresponsibility. How is it defined as the act of a responsible people when an elected representatives health is left hidden for months and people are left to confusion. I will not be surprised if the CM is dead already and people around her as a pond to take the money she has earned through various means and sort out stuff concerning them. if what I say is just conspiracy, even the official information they release about her is conspiracy as there is no way of verifying their statement. We have seen hospitals caught red handed issuing medical treatment for a dead person just to make some more cash. what if they are all into this for money. Now people are too afraid to speak as they are worried they might be handcuffed or harmed by rouges if they even express their opinion. this doesnt happen any where in a democratic country. It frustrates me when I see how democracy is twisted to a state where people in power and some wolfs around feel and behave in a way they are over and above the system.