Is This New 1000 RS Note Fake or Real ? Pic Going Viral in Social Media


1000 RS Note Fake or Real  : A Pic of 1000rs Note Going viral in Internet,It has first started on Twitter and then is being shared on Facebook and Whatsapp. People are still in a dilemma if this is real or fake. However it is not confirmed yet that it is fake or real. Few weeks before the government demonetised Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes, an image showing a brand new Rs 2000 note had leaked on social media.The speculation around the leaked picture finally ended after the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) unveiled the new Rs 2000 note following Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s announcement.

As per reports in the early demonetization days, officials denied on printing the new 1000 note and a few refused to comment on the same.Few Sources has confirmed about printing of the new 1000 rupee note in underway. And earlier Shaktikanta Das, Economic Affairs Secretary had also hinted for the same.

The Reserve Bank of India has started printing Rs 1000 note on a pilot basis. But RBI has no plan to roll out these new Rs 1000 immediately, a banking industry source said.The source also disclosed that, the introduction of the new Rs 1000 note is yet to be finalised.

The photograph of the new Rs 1000 note started revolving on Twitter and people are trying to figure out that this time whether it is real or not. On the image of the new Rs 1000 note “specimen” is also printed over it, the image of 1000 rupees note is being shared all over. Like 2000 news came true would the new 1000 rupees turn real? Let’s see.

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