Nani Ninnu Kori Movie Review & Ninnu Kori Movie Rating (3.5/5) – Heartwarming love story


Ninnu Kori Movie Review: Natural Star Nani’s most anticipated flick ‘Ninnu Kori‘ going to hit silver screens this Friday worldwide in maximum number screens.Ninnu Kori is directed by debutant Siva Nirvan. Ninnu Kori a triangle love story with heart Touching emotions. Ninnu Kori has a good looking trailer and the breezy audio have set high expectations on the film which has Nivedha Thomas and Adhi Pinisetty in crucial roles. DVV Danayya has produced the film and Gopi Sunder rendered the soundtrack.The film already got positive talk with trailer and songs.

Apart Natural Star Nani, The film stars  Gentleman fame Nivetha Thomas in the female lead and Kollywood Actor Aadhi Pinisetty will be seen in the crucial role. This is the second time Nani and Nivetha are working together after their 2016 hit, Gentlemen.  The film music is scored by Gopi Sunder, while Prawin Pudi and Karthik Ghattamaneni are the editor and cinematographer of this movie respectively. Recently, It has completed the censor formalities and received ‘U’ certificate without any cut. Film Created Lots of Buzz Before Release So Before Going to Hit Sliver Screens Check Out Nani Ninnu Kori Telugu Movie Review Rating and Story Plot.

Ninnu Kori Movie Review & Story Plot

PressKS rating: 3.5/5
Punchline: After Love
Genre: Romance/Drama
Type: Stright
Banner: DVV Entertainements LLP

Runtime: 137 minutes
Censor Certificate: U
Release date: 7 July, 2017
Theater watched: Screen 3, Prasads multiplex, Hyderabad

Cast: Nani, Nivetha Thomas, Aadi Pinisetty, Murali Sharma, Thaikella Bharani, Prudhvi, Vidyullekha Raman, Rajasree Nayar, Neethu, Bhoopal Raj, Kedar Shankar, Padmaja, Priyanka Naidu, Master Nehanth .etc .etc

Music: Gopi Sundar
Cinematography: Karthik Ghattamaneni
Art: Chinna
Action: Vijay
Choreography: Shiva Thurlapati
Lyrics: Ramajogayya Sastry, Bhaskarabhatla, Ananta Sriram & Sreejo
Editor: Prawin Pudi
Screenplay & Dialogues: Kona Venkat
Story, Dialogues & Direction: Siva Nirvana
Producer: Danayya D.V.V

The trailer shows that, Ninnu Kori is the interesting love story between the Nani and Nivetha Thomas that starts in Vizag, but they break up. Later, they meet again but Nivetha has moved on and fallen for another guy, played by Aadhi. To complicate matters, Nani and Aadhi are actually friends. And here’s where the twist happens — no, the guys aren’t going after one another to win over the girl. Why Nivetha rejects Nani. Whether Nani loses his love to Aadhi or if there will be a twist in the tale remains to be seen in the theatres.

After watching the trailer, Everyone thinking that Ninnu Kori is a triangle love story with the elements of romance, comedy and action this movie looks like a perfect entertainer. But, In the recent media interaction, Nani says that “No, it isn’t a triangular love story. There’s a point of conflict that involves the three of us. The story begins in Vizag, moves to Delhi and then to San Francisco. We have a huge presence of Telugu-speaking NRIs in the US and this film will find a resonance with them, hopefully.”

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Last year, Actor Nani has back to back hits with Krishna Gaadi Veera Prema Gaadha, Gentleman & Majnu. This year, He tasted another blockbuster with Nenu Local which is released on Feb. Nanu Local has done extraordinary business at the domestic as well as overseas market. Now, Audience has high exceptions on Ninnu Kori.

Ninnu Kori Movie Live Updates:

6:40 AM IST : With some good emotional scenes, the climax ends and Sacrifice is the final word which brings the end to this film.

6:30 AM IST : Some emotional scenes executed well with the movie progressing at good pace.

6:20 AM IST : Good comedy between Nani, Prudhvi Raj and Murali gives you laughs. ‘Hey Badulu Cheppave’ song grabs the core part in the movie and shot well in good locations.

5:50 AM IST : ‘Once Upon a Time lo’ looks good in the second half. The songs came at the right time and in situation which gives an advantage.

5:40 AM IST : The performance of Nani brings something which you have seen from him in his previous films.

Interval : First half looks pretty decent. Audience gets connected to this story very fast. Nivetha Thomas and Nani looks fab together with their second collaboration. Aadhi was not seen in the first half, so we can assume he will be in the second half with a good role.

5:30 AM IST : Story comes back to USA which is the present from Flashback.

5:20 AM IST : ‘Adiga Adiga’ comes at a good situation in the movie. Nani moves to New Delhi for his career and the story theme changes.

5:00 AM IST : Movie shifts to flashback as Nani and Nivetha Thomas are in love. ‘Unnatundi Gundey’ gives good visuals

4:40 AM IST : Movie opens with Nivetha Thomas going to meet Nani.

Ninnu Kori Movie Rating & Public Talk

Ninnu Kori Movie Rating: 3.5/5

Ninnu Kori Plus & Negative Points:


  • No distractions in the story is the main positive sign for the film.
  • Nani, Nivetha Thomas remains unbeaten even in their second collaboration.
  • Story and Direction went hand in hand throughout the film.
  • Emotional scenes are well handled and performed as well.


  • With no boring sagas, the film has no big minus to be precise.
  • The movie will be well taken by class audience with no commercial elements. But have to see how the masses react to the film(May be taken as Minus).

Verdict: A emotional, fun filled entertainer. Nani gets a back to back hits choosing good story lines. A Class entertainer which may be appealing to the masses as well with no commercial angle. The film will do exceptionally well in the A centers and overseas but not with B and C centers. If you ignore a bit slow narration, this film ends up as a very entertaining watch with your entire family this weekend.

Recently, The film was screened for few selected celebrities from Tollywood and they are very impressed with its storyline.  Celebrities who watched the film,  took their twitter account and praised the film. It is heard that performance of Nani, songs, pre-interval and flashback episode are the major highlights of this film.

Rana Daggubati‏ @RanaDaggubati
Saw a beautiful film with some exceptional performers #NinnuKori @NameisNani @i_nivethathomas @AadhiOfficial
So happy and proud that I’m working in a time of such brilliant people #NinnuKori @NameisNani @i_nivethathomas @AadhiOfficial
“A storyteller doesn’t find the story it’s the story that finds them” @i_nivethathomas you are Telugu cinema’s best find in recent times.

Na Antham Nuvve‏ @RamGKrishna
Avg 1st Half. Different kind of film for TFI so far. #NinnuKori Good 2nd Half @i_nivethathomas Performance @NameisNani @AadhiOfficial in pre climax #NinnuKori will cater to A centers and OS than the rest! But Definetly a great attempt and a rare story in TFI with Justifiable Climax.

Sunny Kesh‏ @Sunnykesh
Such a feel good movie. #NinnuKori. Never expected @NameisNani would do this kind of role. @i_nivethathomas acting skills @AadhiOfficial Ninnu Kori movie should watched with an open mind. This isn’t a typical telugu commercial movie (fortunately) Let’s welcome life #NinnuKori You @i_nivethathomas should your acting skills in Gentleman. But with #NinnuKori you have made your place in TFI. Amazingly well done Where there is @NameisNani there is certainly entertainment. #NinnuKori stands out from all those commercial movies and sets a new benchmark

Censor Reports‏ @CensorReports
#NinnuKori -U-137min + Songs + PreInterval + Flashback + Triangle love scenes – Climax – Slow narration – lack of comedy 2.75/5 – Avg

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