Thanu Vachenanta Movie Review Rating (2.75/5) & Public Talk – Rashmi Gautam Horror Comdey Film


Thanu Vachenanta Movie Review  : The Most Awaited Horror Comdey Film of Anchor Rashmi Gautam Thanu Vachenanta Movie Going To Hit Sliver Screens This Friday World Wide in Limited Number of Theaters .The film is the first ever zombie comedy in Telugu. It is about a group of people trapped in a zombie epidemic.This Film is Directed by BVS Ravi. The film casts Rashmi Gautam, Teja Kakumanu, Dhanya Balakrishna and Chalaki Chanti as the main leads. So Check out Thanu Vachenanta Movie Review Rating Story Public Talk.

Initially, Actress Rashmi who showed her exotic side in Guntur Talkies Movie is now making an attempt to scare the audience. The film is a zomedy, which means a zombie comedy, where zombies take the centre stage and comedy is derived through the lead actors’ efforts to escape from them.

Rashmi Gautam Thanu Vachenanta Movie Review & Story Plot

Film: Thanu Vachenanta
Language: Telugu
Cast: Rashmi Gautam, Dhanya Balakrishnan
Release Date: October 21,2016
Banner:Sri Atchuyutha Arts
Director:Venkat Kancherla
Producer:Chandra Sekahr Azad Patibandla

Teja who is a happy-go-lucky young man attempts suicide under some mysterious circumstances but ends up in vain due to his friend Chanti. By Explaining the tragic story behind his suicide attempt to Chanti, Teja discloses about his girlfriend Swetha, wife Shruti and his dreadful equation between them. In an attempt to resolve Teja’s problem, Chanti ends up buying more. A series of miraculous circumstances lead to a major ‘zombie’ twist in the story.

What are Teja’s problems with Swetha & Shruti and how did he & Chanti get rid of the zombies forms the rest of the story.

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Thanu Vachenanta is surely an innovative film. But the movie outcome depends on the audience how they receive it. Ravi Chandra has delivered apt music as per the situation. The film is undoubtedly a horror comedy entertainer.

Thanu Vachenanta Movie Rating

Thanu Vachenanta Movie Rating –  (2.75/5)

Thanu Vachenanta Movie Plus & Minus Points

Plus Points:
Performance of Rashmi Gautham
Glamour of Dhanya Balakrishna
Comedy of Jabardasth Chalaki Chanti
Interval twist

Minus points:
Loopholes in Zombie
Illogical scenes

Thanu Vachenanta Movie Synopsis: Thanu Vachenanta is an innovative attempt to move away from the routine horror comedies that have been hitting Telugu silver screens quite frequently. But the makers completely fail to thrill the audience with the horror and glamor quotient as promoted.

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