Rosapoo Review, Rosapoo Movie Rating – Comedy Duo Makes it Count


Rosapoo Review: Rosapoo has got a strong command over the movie theaters today as the trailer was interesting and got lots of comedy. The venture Rosapoo, which hits the screens today, has Biju Menon (Shajahan) leading a cast of about 150 actors and eight or nine main stream actors. Vinu is back after a gap of 11 years. His début feature, November Rain, was released in 2007.

Rosapoo is an Indian Malayalam-language comedy film written and directed by Vinu Joseph and starring Biju Menon, Neeraj Madhav and Anjali. The screenplay was written by Vinu himself, with dialogues co-written by Santhosh Echikkanam. Earlier Sunny Wayne was cast in a role, who was later replaced by Neeraj. The film features 142 characters altogether. The music for the film is composed by Sushin Shyam.

Rosapoo Story: Rosapoo is about the bumbling quest of Shajahan, who finds himself in a spot after the business fortunes at his bricks-and-mortar duty-free shop takes a tumble, and about his equally aimless buddies (Neeraj Madhav leads the pack) to kick-start their lives, probably not in the most straightforward ways. The time-frame of the story is from 2001 till about 2017.

Shajahan takes up odd jobs to make ends meet but to no avail and that’s when Neeraj, a cable channel employee who aspires to make it big as a director one day, strikes upon the idea of making an adult film.

Rosapoo Movie Review: We expect nothing with the movie but turns out to be a comedy entertainer. The comedy duo in the film, Biju and Neeraj has done the best in their entire career to make the audience laugh at them for their innocence and brilliance at the same time. The story is funny and the characterisation took the movie to another level.

Rosapoo Movie Rating: 3.5/5

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