Sakhavu Movie Review & Nivin Pauly Sakhavu Movie Rating (3.5/5)- A Perfect Mix of Mass & Class


Sakhavu Movie Review: Nivin Pauly is back with another movie which he has more hopes on. His action will be the main attraction in the movie besides the story. A story on Student politics will be an interesting concept. Even though you watch it so many times, it will be a good interest for all the audience. Many youths will be watching the film and they will relate themselves in the same role.

Sakhavu is a Malayalam film written and directed by Sidhartha Siva, starring Nivin Pauly in lead role. The movie is produced by B. Rakesh under the banner of Universal Cinema. The film’s story is written by Sidhartha Siva. The music is composed by Prashanth Pillai. Aparna Gopinath, Aishwarya Rajesh and Srinivasan are also playing crucial roles in the film.  While Prashanth Pillai has composed the music, cinematography has been handled by George C Williams. The film is scheduled to release on April 15, 2017, to entertain the audience.

Sakhavu Movie Review & Story Plot:

Movie Name: Sakhavu
Cast & Crew: Nivin Pauly, Althaf Salim, Aishwarya Rajesh, Keerthy Suresh, Aparna Gopinath, Renji Panicker, Sreenivasan, Binu Pappu, Sooraj S Kurup.
Direction: Sidhartha Siva
Producer: B Rakesh
Music Director: Prashant Pillai
Release Date: April 15
Genre: Family/ Politics
Duration: 163 minutes 49 second

Story: Nivin Pauly portrays two different roles in Sakhavu. He appears as Krishnakumar, a student leader and also as Sakhavu Krishnan, a strong leader from the past. The actor will be seen in different get-ups in the movie.

Sakhavu revolves around a student political leader who fights for his left-wing ideals. He takes everything as an advantage to showcase his political nature and get the appreciation from people around him. Even he uses his political strategy in the love. He doesn’t even care, anybody, when it comes to his position as a threat. When some people try to use him in order to fulfil their intentions he is forced to fight for his ideals.

Review: The movie is approach comedy in the first half as being a student political leader. But in the second half, it turns violent with some action scenes and political drama and the logic which shows Nivin Pauly in a great role is the attraction. The movie has many things which you can expect but Nivin’s performance as a veteran Sakhavu Krishnabhaskar and as a young, wayward comrade Krishna Kumar, is very much convincing.

The film can be called as a complete entertainer, a perfect mix of mass and class. The film has the adequate amount of humour also and Nivin was perfect in executing humorous scenes. Nivin Pauly is spotted in the film in more getups than seen in the trailer. Sakhav flows with a smooth pace and never felt any lag even the climax of the film was also good.

Sakhavu Movie Rating, Public Talk:

Sidhartha Siva is releasing in close to 120 theatres in Kerala alone. Sakhavu is expected to make a huge opening at the box office.

Sakhavu Movie Rating: 3.5/5


  • Good making
  • Appreciable performance by actors
  • Has given a detailed characterization of two different comrades


  • The first half of the movie is little dragging
  • No big surprises in the plot so far as the trailer had already given an overall idea of the story

Sakhavu Movie Verdict: Sakhavu is all about a student political leader who fights for his left-wing ideals. When some people try to use him in order to fulfil their intentions he is forced to fight for his ideals. Go And Watch Film In Theatres This Friday Block Buster…

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Sridevu Sreedhar
#Sakhavu (#Comrade) interval report- @NivinOfficial rocks in dual role Superb BGM. So far very impressive @aishu_dil #communismvscapitalism

#Sakhavu interval: First half is super stunning and this will be the best in @NivinOfficial career if second half can replicate the feat! @NivinOfficial essays dual roles and delivers them with great ease and attitude! Excels in both comic and serious moments

#Sakhavu- Interval – Flow is sluggish, has some comedies

Karthik Rajasekaran
#Sakhavu Interval : “OK”! Slow but steady @NivinOfficial etta, fight with garudan.. Polichu BGM deserves special mention.

Malayalam box office
#Sakhavu superb 1st half Gud comedy and twists are Slowly getting into the story @NivinOfficial is fantastic in dual role wtng for 2nd hlf

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