TDP Candidate Sama Ranga Reddy started election campaign in ibrahimpatnam


As part of the election campaign, TDP candidate Sama Ranga Reddy along with local Leaders conducted the door-to-door campaign in ibrahimpatnam on Friday. Sama Ranga Reddy blamed the TRS government on the failure of various development and welfare schemes. He exuded confidence on party’s victory in elections. He interacted with the colony residents and explained various development activities which will be going to take up in the division if TDP is power to vote.

He appealed to them to vote for the candidate backed by Grand Alliance in the forthcoming elections and to put an end to the TRs family rule in the state. Sama Ranga Reddy criticized the TRS party leaders for not fulfilling promises made at the time of 2014 elections. He also appealed to the people to question the ruling party leaders when they come to seek votes.

Sama Ranga Reddy also met with DCC president Kyama Mallesh from the Congress party, asked him to cooperate with the campaign in Ibrahim, and he has also responded positively to him.

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