Tiyaan Movie Review & Rating (3.5/5) – Prithviraj, Indrajith Action Thriller Entertainer


Tiyaan Movie Review: Prithviraj Sukumaran is back with an action thriller and yet he succeeded in delivering the best performance. The movie deals with a great amount of intense and action. Prithviraj had a good start to the year 2017 with the film Ezra, which emerged as a grand success at the box office. Tagged as a pan Indian cinema, Tiyaan is expected to make a big mark at the box office.

TIYAAN (The Above-Mentioned), starring Prithviraj Sukumaran, Indrajith Sukumaran, Murali Gopy, Ananya, Padmapriya and Nakshatra Indrajith, is written by Murali Gopy and directed by Jiyen Krishnakumar. It is produced by Haneef Mohammed, under the banner of Red Rose Creations. A pan-Indian entertainer from Malayalam, TIYAAN bends genres and blurs time and space, in agreement with the age-old gyan that Reality is NOT what we see.., and Realism is NOT what we define it to be.

Tiyaan Movie Review & Story Plot:

Story: While strongly and intensely basing itself in contemporary India, where strifes, prejudices, greed and political pettiness cast a dark shadow over the vast wisdom of the land, the movie boldly delves into the deeper layers of existence and awareness, and explores, in a microcosmic way, the wonder that India actually is. As the mother tagline of the movie says, “When Miracle meets Man, Epics are born.”

Review: The story gives everything about the Pan India which makes the movie a good watch. Interestingly, Mohanlal is also a part of Tiyaan, but in the role of a narrator. This gave an extra credit for all the people who are the fans and wanted to watch this movie will get a double bonanza. Another advantage is Murali Gopy and Prithviraj form one of the most talked about combos of Mollywood now, as their upcoming film Lucifer with Mohanlal, is among the most awaited Malayalam movies.

Tiyaan Movie Rating, Public Talk:

Satheesh Kurup is the director of photography. Gopi Sundar has composed the songs and background score. Tiyaan is produced by Haneef Mohammed for Red Rose Creations.

Tiyaan Movie Rating: 3.5/5

Tiyaan Movie Verdict: A pan Indian Socio Political film that Showcases the dark shadow that is hunting India and the society.

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Besto Joseph

Very Relevant and Intriguing First Half. @Indrajith_S Leads first Half. @PrithviOfficial is good, Excellent Tech side #Tiyaan #Interval

Malayalam box office‏

#Tiyaan 1st half superb
Pritvi indran Gopi
Visual treat
Different type of movie, Hinduism and current situation

Mersal Rasigan‏

#Tiyaan interval @PrithviOfficial Nice Performance With Some Scenes and Two Dialogue


#Tiyaan firstHalf Over
#Superbtheme #Muraligopys Excellent screen presence @PrithviOfficial @Indrajith_S


@Indrajith_S as Pattabharamagiri dominates the screen presence in first half. Slow paced, intense storytelling ✌️

Fahad K Valiyamannil

#Tiyaan, a socio-political movie for our times. There is one dialogue amongst the many brilliant dialogues in the movie that I just loved and had to share: “Each #religion’s religious texts have verses by the ‘One’ as well as the ones added by us humans. They are easily differentiable from each other just by reading them together. And one must only follow the verses by the ‘One’ above us.”

Kiran Johnson Vattoly

#Tiyaan a political religious Movie with top notch class,Meaningful Dialogues & Powerful Acting which pushes Mollywood to the next Level #MuraliGopi take a Bow
The #Brothers were just AwesomeBGM by #GopiSundar
Jiyen Krishnakumar Hats off. Didn’t feel that the movie was from a Debut directorPlease don’t go for an entertainer,rather book your tickets for a Classy,Unique movie☺️ 4/5

muhammad adhil‏

#TiyaanPromising 1st haf followed by a half baked 2nd.Had many ambitious elements for a superb flick but needed sharper writing, esp in 2nd. It finally manages to end up as an abv avg fare with some well written characters,dialogues and stellar performances. @Indrajith_S got the most meaty character and he is superb while @PrithviOfficial and Murali Gopi shines in their roles. Anyways claps to Murali Gopi for coming up with a bold and relevant subject questioning one of todays most happening Sangi-ism. He also moves his pen against the Godmen and people’s blind beliefs and defines what shud be your real religion and belief.

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