Belly fat bad for heart in people who otherwise are not overweight

belly fat

It is a known fact that excess fat in your body exposes you to several health-related risks. Yes, it is true that exceptions happen as a person has to face major health issues even though he doesn’t have any excess body fat and is extremely fit. But recent studies are showing that the majority of the people at high risk for a stroke or heart attack has extra belly fat.

Belly fat is often considered to be a parameter of beauty, but such studies prove that it is not that all. It is also important to reduce belly fat for your health as well. One of the shocking facts is that people with belly fat are not otherwise overweight or obese in general, but because this extra belly fat it can expose you to a high risk of heart attack as well as stroke.

Recent surveys and researches show that it may not be the belly fat only but also the unhealthy habits like smoking, non -exercise, eating junk food, extremely high calorie and sugary foods etc. because they all can lead to high cholesterol, diabetes and blood pressure which are all deadly factors that paves way for heart attack.

The unfortunate part is, in some of the people who seem like extremely healthy and fit persons, they won’t even realize or feel any symptoms until they go through a severe heart attack or stroke. There are even people who often ignore the symptoms as gas trouble which is negligence that can cost your life.

So in today’s lifestyle, cultivating and maintain healthy habits is an individual’s responsibility because prevention is always better than cure. You can never judge or calculate to what limit your body can tolerate an unhealthy lifestyle. So include exercises that will reduce your overall body fat as well as your belly fat. Be healthy and stay fit.

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