Best Mindvalley Alternatives in 2022

Mindvalley Alternatives

The online course platforms are gaining enough traction to the point where it has become a hectic task to choose the best one for our needs. In a competitive world, it is essential to sharpen our skills to stay ahead of the masses. Mindvalley is one of the most popular known online educational platforms offering a ton of courses. The courses are prepared by industry veterans across various topics. These courses provide the individual with personal development and various skill improvements. However, several Mindvalley alternative platforms are out there offering similar value that is worth checking out.

Alternatives to Mindvalley

Even though Mindvalley offers innovation, course varieties, HD video quality, and credible expert trainers, they have their flaws. This includes a lack of a community platform, inefficient customer support, which may cause discomfort for some users. With the various alternatives, it gives a better choice & preferences to users.


The first one on our list is Udemy. This one needs no introduction as it is one of the best online educational platforms worldwide. Udemy is a crowdsourced learning platform thereby offering a vast array of free and paid courses on different topics. What makes this an ideal Site like Mindvalley is that the courses are self-paced. This allows users to complete them at their comfort. Course pricing starts from $1.99 and higher. Udemy offers frequent discounts which are beneficial to the user.


  • Massive library of courses classified into a wide variety of categories.
  • Varied price ranges for courses
  • Permanent and lifelong access to course materials
  • Money-back guarantee provided


  • Introductory level information on some courses only
  • Instances of poor audio & improper caption support
  • Some free courses need a small fee for continued access
  • Verification problems for most of the content uploaded on the site


Another professional online course platform is Coursera. They have received accreditation from various reputed institutions and colleges worldwide. Due to this, the quality of the courses offered is excellent making them a worthy Mindvalley alternative to students. Like Udemy, the course library is based on a huge selection of topics. Each course has a duration of approximately 4 to 12 weeks. Most of the courses are reasonably priced making them affordable for all. 


  • Courses accredited by top institutions.
  • Good selection of courses
  • Able to audit many of the courses for free


  • Some certified courses are not self-paced
  • Lengthier theoretical courses
  • Certification is only available for paid courses

Code School

Another well-known online course provider is Code School. For those who want to start a career in the coding field, then code school is the best online medium to get started. The platform provides access to over 40+ courses. The courses are designed by leading industry experts that cover essential skills for developers, designers, programmers & a lot more. Pricing for the courses ranges from $10 to $500. Depending on the user’s skill level and course stages, the prices vary.


  • 10-day free trial for most courses
  • A wider selection of courses
  • Innovative & entertaining teaching


  • Training provided for technical courses only
  • Longer course durations can become hectic

Universal Class

Universal Class is another trusted Mindvalley alternative worth checking out. The platform offers educational courses to students, educators, organizations worldwide. The online platform is accredited by IACET (International Association for Continuing Education and Training) making them highly reputed among the people. Having a well-organized catalog of 500+ courses, this is a fantastic platform for students looking to get an industrial-level certification at their comfort. The universal class offers varied pricing for their courses ranging from  $11 to $1000. This in turn suits the needs of every individual.


  • Good selection of professional courses.
  • Affordable course pricing.
  • Interact with a live instructor via email
  • Certification provided upon course completion


  • Free courses are not available 
  • Course duration is pretty long


The list doesn’t end here & there are a lot more. We all can agree that there is no shortage of online educational course platforms at the moment. With each course offering professional certification, valuable features at reasonable prices, it is not easy to choose one as the best. So, if you are looking for a Mindvalley alternative, consider your interest, cost, & perks before making the final decision.

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