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Comrade in America Movie

Comrade in America drew a lot of attention and expectation as it was Amal Neerad’s venture after quite a long time with the rising new gen star Dulquer Salman. Dulquer puts on a mature performance, the intro scenes. Needless to say, the combination was praised to be a deadly one. But the trailer gave us a different picture rather than how it used to be in an Amal Neerad movie.

The hero in a shirt and mund in the backdrop of local politics was entirely a new genre from other Amal Neerad movies. The movie is said to be based on true events and the plot turns out to start off with that young boy next door who is actively involved in local and college politics.

The introduction scene of the hero Aji portrayed by Dulquer Salman definitely needs a round of applause as it was one of a kind, considering the genre of the film. The movie takes us through that cliché beginning where the hero falls in love with his junior, Sarah in College played by newcomer Karthika Murali, a newbie from the USA in town.

The movie takes a turn when Sarah had to leave for the USA suddenly as her parents fix her marriage with someone else and he decides to follow the love of his life to the USA as well without a passport and visa. His journey, the hurdles and experiences he has to face during that journey is the plot of this movie. The movie is definitely that commercial product with all the elements such as romance, comedy and action, all put together.

The cinematographer Ranadive has done a great job in capturing splendid visuals whether it be in Kerala or the USA. Gopi Sunder’s background music definitely is a plus to the movie. Dulquer was so apt for that communist guy from Pala. The debutant Karthika has done a decent job along with the other co-star’s John Vijay and Chandni.

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